About Sankranti, Interesting Facts you never really know before

About Sankranti, Interesting Facts you never really know before

Hi there, probably you must be searching about what is Makar Sankranti, and I am sitting here by thinking how to explain you ‘about Sankranti’.

Sankranti is also known as farmers festival because in this season farmers get thier crop to sell and then for the winds from south to north they feel that it’s relaxation time now. I wish you may know about Sankranti right now but here are a few facts that you may probably never heard before.

If you want to care about your future generation and if you wish to know the ethics and history of this festival then you should read this entire article. If you want to save this, then you can ask me, and I will send you a PDF file. Alright, let’s start what Makar Sankranti is.


1 What is Sankranti
2 Why Sankranti is celebrated?
3 About Sankranti
4 How Sankranti is celebrated?
5 Bhogi
6 Why Bhogi is celebrated?
7 2nd Day: Sankranti
8 3rd Day Kanuma
9 Sankranti 2019 Calender

What is Sankranti

The word sankranti means formation. The formation from one  soul to another soul or from one place to another place. According to Hindu mythology, Makara is a sea creature who serves as a vehicle for the river Goddess Ganga. Makara is the symbol of the Hindu God who resembles love and desire.

We have 12 Zodiac signs in Hindu mythology, and they are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. The Sanskrit name of Capricorn is Makara. The symbol of Capricorn is a water fish goat.

Why Sankranti is celebrated?

Sankranti is celebrated for three continuous days, and in some areas, it will be four days. This festival is dedicated to the farmers, and on these days farmers will sell their crop. And they will celebrate it with family and neighbors in villages.

The God Sun will travel through these 12 Zodiac signs in year. According to mythology, the earth is divided into 12 parts which can resemble as the 12 Zodiac signs. The Sun will travel through all these 12 Zodiac signs for a year.

The formation from Sagittarius sign to Capricorn sign has been celebrating as Makar Sankranti.

When the sun enters into the Capricorn sign, all the sleeping Gods of Hindu will wake up. Generally, at the beginning of an era, there are 12 Sankranties for each zodiac sign. But when the time changes people tend to change for the Sankranti which is at the Capricorn sign or in Sanskrit Makar Rashi.

About Sankranti

People consider that Sankranti is the biggest festival which will lead them to happiness and which will vanish there sins. Everyone from the village will come to a place and then they start celebrating this festival.

The sun who was in south sign (Dakshina Rasi) will transit to North sign ( Uttara Rasi) in these days. So in these few days, the doors of heaven will open according to their belief that’s the reason why people celebrate this as the most anticipating festival ever.

Fact 1: Other festivals from the mythology come in different months like Dussehra. For example, If Dussehra celebrated in October in a year, then the festival will move to November in the next year. But Sankranti is the only festival which is being celebrated only in January of every year.

How Sankranti is celebrated?

The Sankranti is celebrated in the tradition which resembles the three days of celebration. Bhogi is the first day of the festival season in Sankranti. And the next day will be Sankranti and final day is Kanuma.


The meaning of Bhogi ‘Being is happy with what you have’. This will tell you that you don’t have to worry about what you don’t have because it will make you uncomfortable and depressed. You have be happy with what you have that’s the intention of Bhogi.

On this day people wake up early, and they will fire up a bonfire and around it they dance together with their family and friends. They just dance around this light. They will throw the old furniture they have in their home into this Bonfire and the sprinkles will capture their happiness.

People believe that the bhogi bonfire will burn their bad luck and furniture as well. This is way more popular from ancient times, and people are used for it. The second day from 3 days is celebrated as Makar Sankranti. It was celebrated in honor of God Indra Who is the god of Rains and rivers.

Why Bhogi is celebrated?

The reason why Bhogi is celebrated is, as it is the first day of Makar Sankranti Pongal season and on first day, they light up the Bonfire, and they will burn old furniture and unused things which they believe that it will not only burn their things but also the fire will burn the bad luck of people. They think that this is the opportunity to remove the Signs.

And In the perspective of some spiritual personalities, they say that people will greed about their desires they feel. And to kill the unusual human needs and desires, people celebrate this Bhogi to release the physical cravings and to keep the people safe and clean from inside.

The bhogi fire will kill the greed of people, and they will realize the importance of spirituality.

And in the perspective of some other people, Bhogi is celebrated to burn the unused and old chairs or wood plates because after the festival they feel that using these old wood things will be bad luck or bad sign to them.

2nd Day: Sankranti

On the next day of Bhogi, the sun will enter into the Capricorn sign, and then the doors of heavens will open, and all the God and goddess who are sleeping will wake up.

This is the biggest day of the Pongal season, and this is the day people celebrate the Makar Sankranti completely by rangoli. Rangoli will be the special attraction in the festival, and in the early morning, people make rangoli with colorful powders.

The real reason behind the rangoli is, in ancient time people use only the white powder which will be food for insects. This will prove that human has a kind nature according to the mythology, but with the time change, people used to present with color which is harmful to both insects and environment. Usually, the day will be celebrated on January 15th, but it may vary a day before or after.

On this day people believe that if they worship the river goddess and they believe that the souls of their family members who died will go to the heaven straightly. People strongly believe and they worship the river goddess by cleaning themselves in the water. They celebrate this festival as the symbol of happiness, and you can see people fly the kites. On this day they make several food items and distribute to people.

3rd Day Kanuma

The third day or the final day of this Pongal season is Kanuma. Usually, January 16th will be celebrated as Kanuma festival in the Honour of cows and Oxes. Cows and Oxes are The perfect partners for farmers in the field of agriculture, and they believe that cows and Bulls are the Gods of rice. That’s the reason why people worship cows and bulls on these days and especially on the Kanuma they decorate their form friends with balloons.

Fact 2: Bhishma left his soul to heaven on this day of Sankranti.

Sankranti 2019 Calender

  • Lohri, Maghi, Bhogi Pandigai, Uruka – 14th January
  • Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Pedda Panduga, Uttarayana, Magh Bihu – 15th January
  • Mattu Pongal, Kanuma Panduga – 16th January
  • Kaanum Pongal, Mukkanuma – 17th January

This is how people celebrate the biggie festival Makar Sankranti and how people respect the festival. I hope you learn something about Sankranti and why Sankranti celebrated. Bhogi and Kanuma are also the festivals in Pongal season along with the Sankranti. Please let us know some facts that we missed in the list.

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